17 Jun 2010

Lambaian Negeri Bawah Bayu...Come..Come to Me!

This week I feel really thankful to Allah and everyone around me. One after another things came to me. My rezqi and my luck I think. Lucky me! Too lucky I think.
I got Band 6.5 for my IELTS test then my study leave will be approve next week. Hopefully everything will going smooth for my study and my life on next month. After 6 months of waiting this moment.

Then, I got my new jumbo (will be shown next post...if officially become true). And now, 18 June 2010 is arriving for me n my Mrs. D go to our planned vacation to Sabah with sahabat-sahabiah. Wishing to all my friends to enjoy this moment heartily because we never ever know when we are gathering together again. Come on to have good time together!

Here I coming!!!...

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