24 Jan 2011

Moon in my heart...

Strive for the success!


15 Jan 2011


This week I feel a little bit S.E.N.G.A.L actually. Not doing well in my experiment. Still not found the correct controller scheme. Plus, today unfortunately I went to my wife's school programme at Bandar Tenggara. hoho. Really shock with the event actually.

This is my first time been in a school programme with talks about Malay survival by a Jusa C officer. In addition I also have opportunity to hear a speech from important VIP from MOE, directly under TPM. He will become MP in the next general election I think. Nice speech there as he was a ex-forum panel before but still not enough to make the GPI there trust what you all said.

Good time I think about the second talk. An ummah economic perspective from PM Hussein Solomon. Thank you for the information of Skim Cepat Kaya (SCK).

p/s: Congratulation to two of my beloved friends, Yus and Dol upon their niqah. Sorry because cannot effort to attend your big events. Just doa' from far away. Have a good life bro!

2 Jan 2011

Selamat Ulang Tahun Kelahiran dan Selamat Pengantin Baru...Sahabat Selamanya

Happy 25th birthday, Azly! And Congratulation to Usop upon the wedding, have a nice life together. Brings you all a nice song. ~Friend forever~. v(',')v

p/s: Happy new year 2011 to all! Hopefully 2011 will bring prosperity and barakah to our life. Good bye 2010. Never forget the history.

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