4 Oct 2012

"WOW!" Factor in PhD Proposal

Alhamdulillah, very thankful to our Creator for give me the opportunities to join Kursus Persediaan Pengajian Siswazah (KPPS), which maybe the last KPPS course ever in UPM. It is due to tutor status no longer available at UPM. New fellowship scheme (Tenaga Akademik Muda) will be offered in the future to replace this tutor things.

It is a nice course to attend in my opinion. many new things I got from this course. How to choose correct university, proposal preparing, research and paper publication process and etc. And most important thing, free breakfast and lunch. hehehe.

Prof. Dr. Nazamid Saari introduced me to a new term, 'Wow! factor' in preparing the PhD proposal. He shows from the beginning until the end to write proper PhD proposal and making jokes with his "kundur" and "dokong" research examples. A lot of things need to be done after listening to his talk. Maybe I want to write a review journal paper using his technique some other time in the future.

My M. Eng. convocation is just around the corner. Really excited perhaps. I have to be focus for preparing my PhD after this. New research with new university. Hopefully, it is also conducive to study PhD and I can graduate on time unlike my master degree. 3 years! Just feel like doing PhD. hahaha.

Focus on the future, learn from the past

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