30 Jul 2009

Bad Things and Good Things...


It's all decided by HIM.
HE knows us well than we know ourself.
So, just let follow what HE give to us and in the mean time we struggle our best to success.
This is what in mind right now.

We have to face many choices in our life.
Each choice or decision we make will create our future.
Making decision is not only involve ourself but also persons around us.
Thus, be carefull making decision when we facing many choices.
That is why we should Tawakkal I think.
Because we do not know what the future will brings us.

Alex, good luck in everythings you do..That is my prayer for you..
Although you you never around me anymore.
For myself, I hope I made good decision each time I have choices. I pray for that.
If not, then I want to learn from that experience and be more matured (maybe everyone not see in me...hehe)

Choose for the best for all!

23 Jul 2009

New Leaf...


This is my first week start a new leaf in my life.
Many things happen during my LI training, and I think it was a good expriences for me.
Living outside of campus life very made me change the way I thought sometimes.
Now, coming back to study make me sometime feel weird.

Anyway, I got what I want..I have my new housemate. Zul Alex, Wafi the Picther and Anis the Radix boy make my life right now always fun. Always with jokings and long talks at RJ (but Amin and others called RG,this is because of Zul!!!..huhu).

But, I know that I will face new challenges in the future during fulfill my dreams to complete myPhD before 30's. Pray for my and our success in the future. New days with a new dreams...

Tuan Zack
We also got shiro at RJ...hehehe.

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