30 Dec 2009

My Step Uncle: In memory

Tonight I got a SMS from my little brother. "Mok ada tel td. Ye kabo ayoh de ajil ningal dh ptg marin...". For a second, I'm shocked. Feel very sad in deep of my heart.

Al-Fatihah to late my step uncle. Step brother to my father. May be I feel really sad because of last Hari Raya Aidilfitri my family do not see him for the last time. I still remember his smile when I was a little boy. Giving me penny and always be good to my father and mother. May Allah bless you in the next world...  

p/s: Word for today, "Berpencak, berpencak juga tapi akademik jangan lupa!", by Pak Dol. All the best to all Pro M candidates for this campus election.

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myikhwanfiideen said...

Salam.. Firstly, i also want to wish u.. Takziah.. The time is come.. so, kt xleh nk watpe.. Allah lg syg dia.. K, Tabahkan hatimu my Shbt.

Secondly, about my words.. huhu.. ist my real words?? :). Yup.. Its true.. Really true.. Becoz, we dont want our 'adik2' kampus shocked with this phenomenoon.. "EXHAUSTED!!".


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